Friday, December 24, 2010

Hilary Swank Is Designing a Clothing Line

Hilary Swank was initially just planning to design a line of T-shirts that
“provided motivation and inspiration,” but then she thought to herself,
Hey, if Jessica Simpson can design lingerie, and Justin Bieber can design scented cardboard tags, and JWOWW can design swimsuits, then why can't I design a full range of gym clothes?
So she talked to the Designers Management Agency (who are apparently the same masterminds behind the goldmine that is sure to be Rachel Roy and Amar'e Stoudemire's forthcoming collaboration), and now they're helping her develop "a contemporary, outdoor, athleisure brand,” said DMA co-founder Marc Beckman. They're currently interviewing real fashion designers to partner with Swank on the project, and no, I've never heard the word "athleisure," either.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Women's Wear Daily's 100 Years

The magazine, which sells at newsstands for $12.99, is an amazing must-have for fashion insiders as well as anyone casually interested in women's fashion trends.Part of the book features WWD editors' comprehensive picks for the top 100 fashion moments of the last century, resulting in a chronicle of the industry's pivotal history. It starts with the first day the trade paper was printed (the same time the apparel industry was beset by labor disputes), and it ends with today's emerging designers, including Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, Phillip Lim, and Jason Wu. The magazine is WWD's most profitable issue to date."It's really an attempt to cover important moments in fashion history through the WWD filter," said editor in chief Ed Nardoza.That is why the bulk of the events center on high-society fetes and the trends close to the hearts of the Ladies Who Lunch - who, by the way, have their own entry. Luckily, most of WWD's picks hit close to regular people's closets: Bikinis, designer jeans, and Chanel suits are wardrobe staples.But it also might explain why four pages of the book are dedicated to Truman Capote's 1966 Black and White Ball - one of the most exclusive events in New York society - and why hip-hop's fashion influence garnered just a quarter of a page - and even that favored only Isaac Mizrahi's work bringing street style to the runways, rather than the successful clothing lines of Russell Simmons and Sean "Diddy" Combs.Nonetheless, it's easy to get lost thumbing through the pictures and seeing how historic events like the Titanic's sinking or the 1929 stock market crash altered the course of fashion or how fashion, for that matter, altered the course of our lives. Here are some of the most interesting WWD moments:

A sinking feeling. What does the Titanic's demise have to do with fashion? Several department-store titans were on board, including Macy's co-owner Isidor Straus and his wife, who both died during its sinking, and the daughter of Andrew Saks. Plus, the amount of merchandise lost was newsworthy to WWD. And who knew that outfits were being documented during the fateful night? "A reporter lived to tell about it and she described what the people were wearing as they got on lifeboats," Nardoza said.

Blondes have more fun. (true!) According to WWD, celebrities' love affair with hair color goes back to the 1930s when actress Jean Harlow appeared in the movie Platinum Blonde; she became the first spokeswoman for hair color.

Hindsight is 20/20. WWD's reporting on Peter Pan Dress Co.'s partnership with Paramount Pictures Corp. acknowledged the beginning of films' impact on fashion. The pairing resulted in a series of cross-promotional Peter Pan Weeks between retailers and theaters across the country, and director D.W. Griffith announced he would incorporate high-end fashion into his movies, starting with That Royle Girl in 1925.

Which came first? The mall or the cul-de-sac? A 1950 article reported that America would change the way it shopped as Seattle became home to the first car-friendly suburban mall. We see how that worked out.

The rise of the fashion shoot. By the late 1950s, magazines began to phase out sketches (imagine sketching an entire runway presentation!) for photography. Seems like a no-brainer, but it led to what we now accept as photographer fame. Eventually photographers Steven Meisel, Mario Sorrenti, and Craig McDean would become as well-known as the models and designers.

Black is beautiful. When the African American aesthetic took hold, WWD took note. Thanks to pop-culture movies like Lady Sings the Blues and Shaft, urban looks of the 1970s - which included Afros, turtlenecks, and bell-bottoms - crossed into the mainstream.

Michael Jackson attraction. This entry is more about MTV's effects on fashion than Jackson's inherent style. Nardoza said that's because Michael was more about menswear than women's wear. True, but women loved Michael. Isn't that enough?

The name game. Celebrity is the new designer. While the early 2000s were a gauche period, it was a big part of fashion history. There was a time when, day after day, WWD headlines announced new lines by Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, and Jennifer Lopez.

Thank you, Carrie. How would we know what Manolos, Christian Louboutins, or Jimmy Choos were if it weren't for Miss Bradshaw? These shoes achieved cult status.

9/11 situation. In the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11, designers canceled their shows. But in the long term, it made the industry rethink its priorities. It was the cataclysmic event behind today's recessionista.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trend Alert: Long John Leggings

Remember how you used to love your cozy long johns as a kid? emmm and some of us as adults still love hanging around the house in our old school hanes LJ? It's a blast from the past because the comfy gear is making its way into your wardrobe in the form of long john leggings. It's exactly the same feel, the waffle-knit fabric, only this time we're not just wearing them for practicality's sake. These are chic in heather grays and military-inspired olive, or playful in prints and bright colors. Just pair with any of Fall's cool boots and layer under skirts or denim on top; we love them with anoraks and chambray shirts — get cozy-chic! I really love this trend!

Meet The Tom Ford Fashion Show Crashers

A Japanese trio dubbed “The A Girls” have been running around New York Fashion Week being shot at the hottest parties with fashion royalty. They were first picked up by NBC news on a Fashion’s Night Out video, and as the week went on the mystery continued to show up on NYMagazine, the NYPOST, Gawker, and Racked. Their biggest stunt: pulling off sneaking into the uber-exclusive, impossible to get into Tom Ford Fashion Show. The A Girls have crashed the Betsey Johnson After Party, Halston Fashion Show, Tommy Hilfiger 25th Anniversary Party, Juicy Couture Party, Pamela Love Fashion Show and After Party. They have also been photographed mingling with Marc Jacobs, Sarah Jessica Parker, Betsey Johnson, Alexis Bledel, and Johnny Rozs. The A Girls were finally caught when they attempted to crash Tom Ford‘s exclusive runway show. One of the girls claimed to be there for Japanese Vogue editor Mitsuko Watanabe. Afraid that there had been a mistake with the guest list the girls were escorted into the private presentation. With camera’s in hand and no legal privacy contacts to hold them back, the Japanese pop group intended to shoot some of the most coveted photos of fashion week. The A Girls remained at the show for 20 minutes as the room of fashion elite filled. Right before show time, Mitsuko arrived and Tom Ford’s astute publicists quickly realized that there were spies in the room and kicked out the Harijuko hotties.

2011 Spring New York Fashion Week: Michael Kors

Michael Kors let the sun shine in! The mood of his Spring collection is upbeat, beach bright, and polished — all set to the tune of an insane mastermix of "Here Comes the Sun." Model favorites Isabeli Fontana, Carolyn Murphy, Chanel Iman, and Karolina Kurkova looked positively glowing as they strutted their stuff. Kors designed his trademark slouchy-chic pieces in the most luxe fabrics á la cashmere sweatshirts, linen suits, and leather trench coats. He is the master of relaxed clothes while never having it look sloppy. Big props to the classic use of hot Summer colors — shots of blue, purple, pink, khaki, white, and yellow were radiating from the runway. There were even a few pieces featuring a grassy print!

New York City Fashion Week-Tory Burch

Tory Burch constantly delivers the new classics — collections that introduce something new and edgy, without losing that timeless edge. Her Spring '11 presentation was no exception, only this time she brought a cool '70s vibe to shake things up. Burnt orange, yellow brights, major pinstripes on pants and jackets, a preppy-meets-hippie navy tiered peasant dress, maxi shirt dresses, and crochet details are just a few of the coveted pieces. While her polished sensibility makes its way into the line via metallic belted pencil skirts, printed tees and shorts, and neutrals, it's all so easily wearable — we can't get enough.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Forever 21 & Brian Lichtenberg!

If you look at my older post you will see my love for
Brian Lichtenberg... Great designer from el- lay , who's designs can be seen on many Hollywood hotties. Well now he has teamed up with forever, and you know I have never been ashamed of shopping there. I always have and always will mix highs with lows. Will be out August 13th! The collection, featuring both men’s and women’s tees/tanks, will showcase glittery, drippy, bold and beauty graphics. Fun!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


How amazing is this shoot? Christy Turlington, Natalia Vodianova & Karen Elson in Louis Vuitton's Fall 2010 Campaign. Louis Vuitton's fall 2010 campaign features "three of the most beautiful women in the world" according to Marc Jacobs. This is the fourth Vuitton campaign to be shot by Steven Meisel and was done in a studio space in Manhattan, New York.


Take a guess.. Who is this?
She is quite sexy, young and is engaged to a hot hollywood star...



New Beauty Test Tubes

I love, LOVE, LOVE beauty products. I am a licenced esthetician and have been in the beauty industry for years. I even ran a NYC Med-Spa a few years back. That's how deep my love runs.
So of course I adore New Beauty mag it comes 4x a year chock full of beauty info. From lotions to lasers, to lipo.. it covers it all full spectrum. I recently decided to opt for the Test Tubes that they send out with the Mag.. it's $29.99 per box... I just received my first box and snapped a photo of all the fun stuff it included. So Far I like, and can't wait for the next box!

Baby Leg Warmers.

Bringing back the 80's! I know I am.. and If I am so is my baby damnit! Well besides my 80's obsession, they are the cutest thing ever invented. You can't deny it.
My daughter loves hers, not just because of the cute factor but they protect her little knees while she crawls. I love them and they have the coolest styles out!
Try : or

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

I have coconuts in my tummy!
Coconut Juice that is.. yes it's a juice trend right now. But it really is GOOD for you.. and yummy too!
I get the Pineapple flavored juice. Natural coconut juice, is nature's Gatorade.

Obsession -Wisteria

Yeah, I sure have allot of Fashion obsessions.. but geez how could you resits these?
Fancy them up or wear them with a chill day outfit, they work. I think they are fab. I know they have been out for some time (and even almost sold out on TP's site) but you got to give cred where it's due!

Topshop's Wisteria chiffon tie wedges.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New York Times-Fashion & Style

I made it to the NY Times Fashion & style section!
It's a piece on social fashion sites, which as you can guess I am a member of a few. I was using one in particular on my wedding dress hunt and it was documented in the NYT. Check it out!

Some tid bits from the article:

"Buying jeans is one thing. A wedding dress is another. Ariella Adika, 28, a fashion creative director who lives in Edgewater, N.J., goes on Fashism several times a week, especially on her shopping trips. “If I’m in a store, I will wait to hear what people have to say,” she said.

When it came time to pick a wedding dress, she took no chances. With the help of her mother and sister, Ms. Adika found a $3,000 ivory floor-length gown by Dominique Daniela at a boutique in New Hope, Pa. It had large origami folds and a black sash that tied around her waist.

She loved it, but was understandably nervous, so she snapped a photo at the bridal store and turned to her friends on Fashism. Nearly everyone thought the origami folds seemed too heavy for her small frame. “You’re not wearing the dress, the dress is wearing you,” a poster, tianaco, wrote.

Ms. Adika took their advice and found a second dress at Modern Trousseau, a boutique in Manhattan in the same building where she and her husband run a fashion showroom. The new dress was also ivory, but instead of floor-length with dramatic folds, it had a pleated bodice with a rose-embroidered A-line skirt.

It was perfect, she thought. In fact, she didn’t need a second opinion, and plans to walk the aisle in it."

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AMAZING Outfits...

Randomly I will post a outfit that is super fabulous.. and this is 2 of them guys and gals.
Super hot, yet classy, and fun.. I Love everything about both outfits.. Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girl in Paris and 'Carrie' from Sex in the City 2. Both Great in it's own way :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well I should say Guys too.. because most of the Sample Sale is men's ready to wear contemporary styles, but yes there will be a few women's selections.
You better get your booties into the city and check it out!
I love getting deals on designer wear.. who doesn't?
Starts July 8, 2010 & every Thursday there after (12-6)
See you there!

Motel Rocks... Rocks my World... Scwing!

I came across an awesome brand.. And it's such a treasure it's hard for me to share!
But I must share the good word of Fashion.. soooo here we go. Motel Rocks is an amazing brand based out of the UK. So far I have bought 4 dresses from them, they all fit perfectly, look amazing on, and I have not seem anything like them around here.. & I live in NYC the mecca of fashion.
They were doing the floral print and front zipper dress before those styles made their recent comeback here in the US. I just got a look at their latest collection and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s funky, fun, and definitely colorful. If you love catching people’s eye, check these out:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Father's Day is COMING!

iPad? Tie? Watch?

Better get to know your Pop and figure out what you want to buy him & what he wants!
Or at least send him a card.. no matter what age I am, I always send my Dad a Father's Day card, this year 2! Just to put a smile on his face... Presents don't hurt, but love is always the best present :)

I love my daddy!

Model Scout on the Gene Search?

Model Scouts Find More Than Half of Brazil’s Hotties in a Tiny Region Containing Its Whitest Population

Model scouts in Brazil are looking for the next Gisele Bündchen. They have figured out that the genes of girls who look like a model in the way she does — with light skin, light hair, and tall, naturally thin figures — come from German and Italian ancestry and may also have a dash of Slavic blood. While more than half of Brazil's population isn't white, more than half of Brazil's models are scouted in a southern rural region comprising about one-twentieth of the nation's population. Gisele and Alessandra Ambrosio, who were discovered at 13 and 12 respectively, come from these parts.

The region is proud of its reputation for hotness. But Brazil as a whole — more than half of which is black — is also proud of its hotness. Frustrations have emerged over the world not recognizing all of Brazil's skin tones as beautiful. While Brazilians embrace beauties with darker skin, the fashion industry in the rest of the world gravitates toward paler Brazilian models.

“I was always perplexed that Brazil was never able to export a Naomi Campbell, and it is definitely not because of a lack of pretty women,” said Erika Palomino, a fashion consultant in São Paulo. “It is embarrassing.”

Scouts have begun looking in darker-skinned regions, but they have a long way to go. Prosecutors recently forced São Paulo Fashion Week to make sure that at least 10 percent of its models were of African or indigenous decent. In 2008, 28 of the 1,128 models in the event weren't white.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

For Men... Fashion on a Budget.. or 'Booojay'

I have been neglecting men lately.. you know on the blog ;)
So here is a a few tips on Dressing for less... (These tips can actually be used for both Men & Women!) Dressing well doesn't have to mean spending a fortune. It's about combining old-school know-how (Yeah, you better have a skilled tailor) with the realization that there are now more affordable style-centric stores than ever. Here's where—and how—to shop, the items you should always buy for less, and the 10 rules that will make you a better-dressed, more cost-conscious man..

1. Taste is more important than money.

2. That's not to say you shouldn't invest in your clothes. But men with real style know when to splurge—and where to save.

3. Start at the best of the low-cost, high-style stores.
Big-name shops like H&M, J.Crew, and Uniqlo have never been so packed with legitimately cool stuff for men. But remember: Wear these labels
your way; it's all about how you mix, match, and style the clothes.

4. Beware of overpriced Sample Sales.
These fashion-showroom free-for-alls are a great place to spy pretty women half undressed. wooo-hoo! But if you buy some high-fashion leftover at 70% off and you never end up wearing it, you're not actually saving money. You're wasting it.
Unless you get a hell of a deal and you actually love the brand... then your money was put in the right place!

5. Speaking of sales, learn to navigate the outlet mall.
If you follow the money, it's clear that more shoppers than ever have become hip to the factory-outlet mall. At the end of 2009, U.S. outlet sales totaled $20 billion! Learn to Dig my friend!

6. Sometimes improving your look doesn't require buying anything new at all. It's about taking care of what's already in your closet. Clean out, re-organize, and you never know what is hidden in there that you haven't worn in 8 months... a new outfit!

7. Buy vintage without losing your shirt.

1. No matter how cool and cheap that leather jacket might be, if it's too big, don't buy it.

2. Certain brands increase in value as they age: Classic-era Levi's, Vuarnet, old-school Nike, supply-store-era Abercrombie & Fitch, and The North Face.

3. Unless you play in Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (and like wearing your trousers up by your belly button), think twice about those cool sharkskin suits from the '50s and '60s.

4. If it looks too stained to wear off the rack, don't buy it. Rather than making that splotch of Ragú sauce from 1978 disappear, dry cleaning usually destroys the garment at the point of the stain.
5. Leather boots, flannels, and dress shirts with monogrammed initials (that aren't yours) are all excellent candidates for vintage. Western-style shirts, however, should be left behind. They're always cut long, to be tucked in. But these days, the only guys who tuck in western shirts are professional bull riders.

8. Shopping online can be a time- suck. Know where the deals are.

Start by signing up for!

9.World of Bargains: Your Local Army-Navy Store

10. There's a whole year of savings out there. Learn when to take advantage.
The difference between paying full price and half-off all depends on when you walk into a store. You could be talking about a nationwide chain like Saks or a cool-kid emporium like Ron Herman in L.A. Hit sales right when they start and you can snag the best gear before it's off the shelves

Is Fash' catchin?

Post your Pics on Fashism!
I mentioned this before, the site where you upload pics of yourself in an outfit you need advice on... Maybe you are at a store in the dressing room and need to know If you should buy a $600 dress... well upload your pic and people get a' votin!
I posted a few pics of myself.. Got some interesting comments!---> this is one of the photos I posted-Vouge!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Amazing Dresses-Brian Lichtenberg

He has some of the most amazing, futuristic dresses out there and recently they have been showing up on celebs left and right. Brian Lictenberg based out of LA is super hot... I would rock almost everything he designs...well except the Gizmo Skirt!