Thursday, July 30, 2009

Top Men's & Women's Denim by Sales

With the recession and people trying to save and conserve their money $ seems to be mid-range to lower price points that are doing the best in the denim market... Check it out!

I still love my PRVCY Jeans, my R&R's etc... If your a true denim lover I am sure you still go for the brands that make you feel fab... but I am interested in Levi's recently, they seem to be coming hard and with great design... we will see how long it all lasts! Might break down and buy a pair of Levis? Still thinking that one over.

Check out the link for more details: USA TODAY

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Top Shop ROCKS! Fall/Winter 2009

Topshop’s fall/winter 2009 collection is separated into four themes!
Horror Girl, Highland Fling, Manhattan Cocktail and Marianne.
Check out the site for more...Top Shop

Paris can't dress....

Pink Overload, Deep cleavage exposing tops as well as high skirts (all at once), Accessory overload, matchy matchy... Really Paris Hilton has no style at all... she's just an over grown 12 year old. She is in the same category as Britney Spears and Mariah Carey... They need help!


Forever 21's New Twist Collection

Forever 21 is bringing a new twist to fast fashion with its exclusive Twist Collection. Starting Wednesday, July 29, TODAY!
You'll be introduced to a whole new whimsical, circus-inspired world of sassy frocks, tulle skirts, cropped jackets, and fancy tees.
Lighthearted prints include oversized polka dots, houndstooth, stripes, and checkers, while silhouettes are entirely poufy. So fun.

Gisele For London Fog

If anyone can make a trench sexy it's Gisele. Iconic outerwear brand London Fog is clearly aiming to vamp up its image. This is Gisele's first fashion cameo after the announcement ofher pregnancy. Dari Marder, chief marketing officer, London Fog, commented, "Nobody is sexier or more beautiful than Gisele B√ľndchen in nothing but a London Fog trench coat, even with her visible baby bump. This London Fog campaign features a classic portrait of Gisele in an iconic London Fog trench; it is a very fitting image for this timeless brand." Marder added, "Although Gisele was photographed while pregnant, most of the shots have been retouched to respect her privacy during this wonderful and personal time in her life." 'Tis true — I'm focusing on the allure of the classic trench, not Gisele's growing belly. Look out for Gisele in her sexy trench in October fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment magazines, outdoor billboards and online.
-Courtesy of Fab Sugar

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Line Debuts at PROJECT NYC

A New Line Debut recently at Project New York City...
Gold Tag Denim which is a Men/Women Denim Line with a large selection to choose from...
Clean Simple styles to the tie dye trends and acid wash... whatever your taste or however you feel that day Gold Tag seems to have your booty covered...
I really was into the Grey denim with the tie dye look.. it's seems all the rage, but they came also with a brown version which I have not seen anywhere else yet... The look def got the Rock Star thing going on.

The brand is well put together with attention to small details, hardware, and the pockets.
and great length in the inseam! I also need that with my 6 in. heels!
And as far as I know it will be at a good price point so It won't break the bank to get in a pair of these... should be in stores soon, I will keep you updated!

Love Ara

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CFDA Selects M.K & A Olsen

Business during the recession is a struggle, at best, but the Council of Fashion Designers of America has forged ahead and selected 31 new members.... Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen being one of them.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jimmy Choo Fall '09 Yay!

While I anxiously await Jimmy Choo's H&M collab (awesome!), we can feast on the shoe empire's Fall ad campaign. Angela Lindvall is back for another round of the good life. This time she's in a fabulous yacht cabin, dripping in Choo's sharp shoes and accessories against rich, brown hues. Her tousled shagadelic 'do adds to the sultry vibe. The boot of the season — the over-the-knee — makes a not-surprising cameo. I can't get these turquoise zebra ankle-wrap sandals out of my head so I guess the ads are working their magic.

W Showroom ROCKS baby!

The Gold Standard

Let’s face it, for most of us times are tough and spending $100 or more on a pair of premium denim jeans is no longer an option. Unless you are a actual Rock Star or "Baller" and can afford the $10,000 Key Closet denims below....
but if they are not in your ballpark at the moment, One brand that is baby fresh aka brand spankin' new and just Debuting (debut was at PROJECT NYC July 20th) is GOLD TAG Denim...
Women's & Men's...Fun, trendy, sexy and super wallet-friendly.. I am hitting up the show tomorrow and will bring you exclusive pics of the line..I already had a peak and saw a kick ass pair of acid wash tight grey denims... with a tie dye look... I love it.. Pics of the line coming soon...they are NOT even in stores yet!

Alanis Morissette and Woody Harrelson Create Eco-Friendly Denim

90's celebs, and unlikely duo, Alanis Morissette & Woody Harrelson have teamed up to create a line of jeans that are environmentally friendly. The line, called Reco Jeans, are produced using recycled denim, but get this You will determine the price...sort of. In order to determine what potential customers will pay for the jeans, they're holding a Dutch Auction. Customers will bid on the jeans and then the information will be used to determine what people are willing to pay. As an incentive 300 box sets (jeans and IPod case) will be given to the bidders that come closest to the average bid.

The Most Expensive Jeans in the World? Bling Bling!

Luxury brand Key Closet one of our famous lines we carry here at W Showroom, has come up with an amazing denim... worth $10,000!

Key Closet has attracted such clients as Lady GaGa, Jamie Foxx, and Omarion. As part of their most recent collection, they have created a pair of hand-made, one-of-a-kind jeans that are covered in 1309 stones, including real diamonds (ohh la-la). The jeans retail at a whopping $10,000. Talk about thumbing your nose at the economy! These Jeans are for true Rock Stars!

Key Closet can be purchased online or contact us we got the scoop on how to purchase these one of a kind denims direct.

-They feature hand-drawn designs, over 1,000 Swarovski crystals, and a one carat diamond on each back pocket.

-30% of the profits will go towards building a school for under-privileged children in Uganda

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fab Read: 100 New Fashion Designers

If you want to keep up with fashion, you must get to know the newest crop of designers that are influencing the industry. Are you ready to commit? Then pick up 100 New Fashion Designers ($27) by Hywel Davies. It showcases the work of the 100 best new creative forces in fashion design from around the world, zooming in on designers still in the first decade of their career. That means either those working alone on their own label or those teamed up in small companies. Either way, these designers all have the same goals: to present alternative solutions in dressing for their customers.
Compliments of FabSugar

Lindsay in an Herve Leger cutaway bikini

Love this bikini and also the bandage dresses... got to make sure your body is tight before getting into any of these skin tight babys! Cut away clothes pieces are a major trend of 2009 and much like the one shoulder trend, it's a style being applied to bikinis and swimwear. Infrequently demure, this really is one bikini trend that screams 'sex'! 
These are my Vegas/Miami bikinis!
Other styles:

Yay Tie-Dye Denim!

If you love the new Tie-Dye style denim (I Do!) but can’t afford to go premium from brands such as Current/Elliott and J Brand, look no further! ASOS have brought out their own brand jeans in Tie-Dye for just a fraction of the price! They come in different shades of denim too and look like a great fit for a skinny jean... Mischa Barton is a huge fan of ASOS Iggy jeans as she has been seen numerous times in a shredded pair. Get out there and rock the Tie-Dye denim look. 
-Complements of DM