Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Madonna Confirmed for Louis Vuitton, Round II

Louis Vuitton's press office has confirmed rumors that Madonna will star in the fall 2009 campaign shot by Steven Meisel. It remains unknown if Jesus Luz will appear with her. But a careful statistical analysis of Madonna, Louis Vuitton, and the Louis Vuitton customer indicates that the probability of his doing so is high. 

Beyoncé in J Brand Zombie Jeans

Pop superwoman Beyoncé was spotted wearing a pair of J Brand "912 Zombie" Jeans along with a pair of Yves Saint Laurent Cage Boots for some shopping in Europe. 
Beyoncé is currently on tour with her "I AM..." World Tour in Vienna, Austria.
I adore how she rolled the jeans up as if they were a boyfriend style jean. Hint, hint J Brand!

Monday, April 27, 2009

7 For All Mankind Sues peoples butts off...

Denim giant 7 For All Mankind is suing mad. According to New York Magazine, after sending out several cease and desist letters, they are suing InDesign Apparel and Oleg Cassini for copyright infringement. 
It seems the apparel manufacturer was creating a line with an identical back pocket embroidery, the business card of most denim labels. Seven is seeking millions in their suit, specifically $150,000 per work infringed. It deff. pays to just be original. 

Joe’s Jeans Next Model Contest!

Joe’s Jeans is having a open model search for one male and one female to be featured in a Joe’s world-wide ad campaign. 
You have until May 27th to apply. That's one month! Click Here!
Good luck!

Stars Love PRVCY Premium

Seems as if all the stars are wearing PRVCY Premium jeans!
While the women may differ in size and shape, the derrieres of these hot Hollywood stars are all adorned in PRVCY Premium Denim. Can you figure out who these beautiful behinds belong to? 
I think PRVCY Premium is the next big "IT" brand of denim.. we need a new "IT" brand!
Check out their website, they have an amazing selection of denim, and beautiful photography.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Organic Clothing Line... Orgotton (Organic+Cotton)

While 'The Green Baroness' and I were having a blast at the "Green with Fashion" event on Earth day, we ran into a few upcoming designers.. one which really caught our eye, Orgotton... 
a hip clothing company, which is upcoming and still bringing more pieces into their collection. Here is The Green Baroness blogstress with the Co-owner, Kristy Emery.. 
Can't wait to hear more from this brand! Positive actions=Fabulous Clothing :)

I am crazy about HOUSE OF HARLOW!

With her new collection of jewels and accessories, Nicole Richie proves that she can do more in fashion than just wear ridiculously cute outfits. Last year, the style icon and TV personality teamed up with notable jeweler Pascal Mouawad to launch House of Harlow, a line of accessories that explores stylings from the bohemian culture of the '60s and '70s.  House of Harlow which takes its name from Richie's daughter, offers a collection of rings, headbands, necklaces, and cuffs perfect for stacking. Like Richie's personal style, the pieces mix modern and vintage details, layering a variety of materials like leather, silk strings, and chains to achieve a contemporary, hippie chic look.  Her aztec bangles collection of rings are casual, versatile, and perfect for stacking. I'm also loving the black leather necklace, it's a great statement piece and super affordable! 

Fashion at the Coachella Music Festival

When checking out the crowd at this year's Coachella Music Festival (April 17 & 18th 2009), you'd almost think we were back in the 70's and 80's with the styles we saw. We saw an influence of the hippie/punk vibe in the denim worn. Lots of ripped jeans, cut off shorts, denim jackets and rompers were big this year. And tons of celebs!

Kate wore a Ksubi Denim Skirt for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Performance.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens went together, Vaness wore her Siwy Cutoff Camila Denim Shorts with her JJ Winter Multi Zipper Bag.

LEVI'S RED Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

The new Levi's Red Spring/Summer '09 collection continues to push the boundaries of innovation while remaining true to the brand's heritage. Inspired by the craftsmanship of early denim workwear, this collection reflects the traditional construction process when fabric was precious and waste was not wasted. A minimum of 92% raw materials are used to product each individual garment with the remaining fabric being used to product collectible Levi's Red packaging. Due to this back-to-basics production technique, each denim garment is individual and unique. The collection features guys and girls and unisex styles. Made from double selvage fabric, the natural shade of the indigo with cotton hemp composition is unstructured. I love the slogan on the inside patch - "Not the cheapest but the best". How true.
Levis is making a comeback in the US market for sure!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Green Fashion becoming Mainstream

As we all know... well some of don't, tomorrow is Earth Day!  April 22nd, woo hoo!!
This year to celebrate the day I am heading out to the "Green with Fashion" event happening in Philadelphia with another Fashionista friend of mine... The Green Baroness, she runs a Eco-Fashion Blog.

Green with Fashion is a charity, eco-fashion show, which will spotlight designers from all over the country. The idea for the event was first created as a senior project at Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA), but has since evolved into a way to not only celebrate eco-conscious designers, but educate the community on environmental issues.

More than 30 designers and boutiques have agreed to take part in the event and have their designs in the show. In addition to locally- and nationally-known designers, Drexel fashion design students will also be unveiling their eco-friendly sportswear collections. Instead of using unnecessary paper waste to advertise, Green with Fashion will be utilizing online advertising, including websites, blogs, and Facebook.

I, myself am still learning about this side of the Fashion world, but I am open to it all!
Be ready for my upcoming post for all the pictures of the event!

It will be held at this fab place above, the old Real World House Philadelphia, also known as F.U.E.L.

PRVCY Premium is all over Hollywood

I present to you another top quality jeans brand,  PRVCY Premium Denim
This brand has definitely gained a lot of popularity with female celebs, and slowly is becoming more known in the mainstream denim market...
PRVCY denim runs anywhere between $160-$250 depending on the particular style of jeans. Another positive note about the jeans besides the way they make you look is  they donate a generous portion of proceeds to support breast cancer awareness and free mammogram programs...
..stylish and giving!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rihanna wears the ripped jeans trend

Remember back when you were told that ripped jeans would be all the rage as a fashion trend in 2009? It was way back when Agnes Dyen was spotted in a pair and though she seems to have faded a little bit it looks like ripped jeans is here to stay. The latest addition to the list of celebrities jumping aboard this trend is Rihanna wearing a pair of Citizens of Humanity Avedon Skinny Leg Jeans.
I love this look!

Philipp Plein has EVERYTHING!

Philipp Plein designs, manufactures and distributes high-quality personal contemporary luxury goods, in six categories: home furniture, garden furniture, lights, living accessories, dog accessories and exclusive kitchen.
Thanks to both the unique design and the high-end quality of PHILIPP PLEIN manufacturing have promptly received a world-wide recognition. Home as well as Fashion Collections are premiered and presented continuously at carefully
chosen international luxury trade fairs.
Check out that awesome Chair! It's pretty hardcore!
And his clothing line is amazing as well....

Men's suits: tailored trends in 2009 and 2010

Looking for a bit of inspiration for the double breasted men's fashion trend? 
Then look no further than this photo shoot from GQ Style featuring clothes from Chanel's menswear. (Bottom Picture)

Men's fashion trends are few and far between; yes, a lot of women's trends are eventually adapted to the men's market, but if 2009 Men's hair trends prove anything, it is that classics will always rule when it comes to men's fashion. Unsurprisingly it's no different when it comes to men's suits.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Bumps all Over!

A dressed-up Nicole Richie (in a vintage dress and Pucci scarf) hides her baby bump while attending a charity event Thursday to support her stylist pal Rachel Zoe at DecadesTwo resale boutique in West Hollywood. The shopping event, which raided Zoe's closet for items from her costume jewelry collection, benefits the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.
I love Nicole Richie's style.. I guess thanks to Rachel Zoe, but I don't always like how the Stylist dresses others.. Nicole seems to always put her own little touches in... and she's pregos for the 2nd time! Yay!

Details On Kanye West's Clothing Line

"Nobody — not even girls — loved clothes as much as me," Kanye West recently told Flare magazine. And now his dream of being a designer is finally coming true.
Kanye West will put off touring until summer to make sure his clothing line, 'Past Tell', is absolutely perfect.
His line could go up for sale on the Internet at any moment. Any delays in launching are only because, as Tim Blanks explains in this month's Canadian Flare, Kanye is "acutely aware of his responsibility to offer only the best." As such, Kanye has — after working on the project for more than a year — only created four pieces as part of his line. They include three articles of clothing. And a belt. Blanks reports that Kanye wore these items to the shows in February and March.
So absorbed in fashion is he, Kanye cleared his schedule for an entire five months, starting in February, to work only on clothing design, including the range of sneakers he designed for Louis Vuitton. This is not, Blanks informs us, simply a case of Kanye attaching his name to a product, but a return to his childhood passion.
And one more thing: Not only does Kanye care deeply about attiring himself, the women he dates, and the world, he cares about how you see him. For do not misconstrue arrogance for his own self-belief. "I don't have the traditional false modesty a celebrity's supposed to have," Kanye explains. 
"I can't lie to anybody about the way I feel about myself; I'm too dope. I'm super-dope."
The first Pastelle Clothing store will open up early 2009 in Chicago — followed by the New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco launch. ...(it is unknown)whether the line will be syndicated in larger retail stores such as Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, or even J.C. Penny. International Stores are also currently being negotiated — no clue as to which cities will see the first stores yet.

Fashion Trend: Jeggings

I love this Trend!!!

After the trend where leggings were worn as trousers, get ready for the jeggings (a combination of jeans and leggings). The fabric is stretch so you can easily wear them as leggings or as “jeans”. But beware, because they’re very revealing and they will show every bump that would rather hide. But if you got it flaunt it baby! I'm all about the Jeggings....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Splash of color in the New York Times

Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester gets colorful for the New York Times Magazine...

These Watches Give Us A Cheap Thrill

For an 11-year-old in 1985, there was no cooler accessory than a Swatch watch, and to this day even adults way into their 80s sport them... they have the capability of suiting all ages and with great taste.. well a new 'Swatch' watch has taken over the market, giving the real Swatch a run for the money...
Normal Watches, emblazoned with witty, often flippant statements-
Facebook Ruined my Life, Love is the New Hate, When Did Rock 'n Roll Become So F**king Boring?- the brightly colored accessories (10 so far) are 100% plastic and at $25 each, cheaper than a glass of Bordeaux at The Waverly Inn.
The line has already been picked up 30 retailers, including Nordsrom and

MOST WANTED: Cacharel Liberty Prints

The Barneys Co-op catalog arrived in my mailbox a few days ago, and topping my wish list is something from Carcharel's liberty print capsule collection.
Look past the model's hardcore eye makeup and funky cute is her outfit?
Such a nice spring outfit that is comfortable... imagine pairing with scuffed brown boots?
I've been craving florals lately, and I love the idea of coupling two contrasting patterns. The oxford look is breezy and effortless, particularly when it's slightly unbuttoned with rolled-up sleeves. And the skirt is pleasingly full, with an elastic waist and pockets. Both get extra points for being made of crisp, machine-washable cotton.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Again MAXIME COSSOGUY shows up, this time Lil' Wayne

As you can imagine, it was a packed house. Lil' Wayne's performance at the Palms Casino Resort sold out both Palms Place and Spa and the Palms Casino Resort.
The show started shortly after the beginning of earth hour, (tsik tisk), but was a performance that attendees will never forget.... and beside Lil' Wayne again Maxime Cossoguy pops up... I just did a post on him a few day ago, with Fergie and her hot high waisted jeans.. well the red denim Lil' Wayne is wearing is another amazing creation from the rocker, high fashion designer Maxime Cossoguy (drowning in my sleep)... his line is really amazing and it seems all the celebs are catching on...

Is Nylon Magazine in financial trouble?

The financial issues seem to be affecting more than just fashion labels. I recently was informed that Nylon subscribers will no longer be getting a physical copy of the magazine. Instead they will be emailing a digital version. hmmmm getting eco-friendly on us, saving some trees? 

Nylon states:
"No more lost issues! Ever had a magazine misplaced by the post office? Chewed up by the dog? Borrowed by your BFF? No problem- each digital edition in your Nylon Subscription is always available to you, on our website or your computer!
No more paper! Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint? You have found one-enjoying Nylon Magazine on your screen instead of on paper! You'll have less to throw out too."
I'm not too fond of Nylon, but keep fashion alive!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fergie in hot High Waisted Jean: BY MAXIME COSSOGUY (drowning in my sleep)

This  is an old pic of Fergie.. I think from sometime in January,  but the jeans are still hot!
Much has been said about the high  waisted jeans...These great designer jeans are made by a New York designer Maxime Cossoguy. The line is named MAXIME COSSOGUY (drowning in my sleep), A new line from the insane mind of the genius fashion designer/musician. A new view that fuses the horizon between fashion and rock & roll; while respecting the techniques of real old traditional tailoring masters... Check out his other pieces..---> MAXIME COSSOGUY

Monday, April 6, 2009

Celebs in Denim: Lindsay Lohan in Balmain

Lindsay Lohan is rarely spotted out in jeans but when she is, they're high fashion. Duh.
She was seen wearing Balmain's Acid Wash, destroyed jeans. Balmain featured a lot of acid washed jeans in their Fall 2009 Collection.. check them out on Net-a-Porter
Pretty Pricey.. $2,165!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

2K by Gingham ROCKS!

What a great idea... talented artists submit their work to 2K and get their designs printed on high quality tees that are sold everywhere! If your looking for  a unique tee, say even more so then what Urban Outfitter has.. then 2K is for you... Check out the site with all the artist designed Tees... 2K by Gingham
W Showroom loves this Brand!

DESIGNER STYLE: Zadig & Voltaire

That certain Je Ne Sais Quoi brand of chic usually included at least one of the following elements: Androgynous, sexy, and utterly effortless. Cecilia Bonstrom, designer for French label Zadig & Voltaire, embodies all three. Look out for the brand's first NY store, opening next week.
I am definitly digging the line! Simply chill, yet sexy... Z&V

Jeans Made Just for You

Cheap Monday, makers of super-chic second-skin denim, has created a limited number of 1- of a kind jeans that will soon be available stateside. The customized denim has undergone sandpapering, punching, patching, sewing, and various other destructive treatments and washing. Cheap Monday's design team has set off a round-the-world tour that began in Stockholm, the brands birthplace. The crew has already sold #1-200 in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, and London. They introduced pair #201-250 in New York on March 16th. Go to Inven. Troy (237 Lafayette Street) to get your perfectly beat-up no-one-else-in-the-world-will-have-them jeans.
Seems to be the new trend... just look below at my Diesel post...
Also check Cheap Monday out...

Super Cute Pocket Front Fleece Blazer

Mike & Chris may have gone bankrupt.. boo, but you can still get the pieces.... for now! And everyone could use a new fleece blazer to look smart and feel cozy. Buy at ShopBop in black or bone for $198.

Angry Happy Face Tee

Rawr! I love this t-shirt! It's such a chill day, cute/sloppy kinda Tee...Paired with black leggings, dark skinny denim.. whatever.. even make it an off the shoulder.. which I am obsessed with.. (hello American Apparel)  Unfortunately I have a policy against paying a lot of money for a t-shirt. Maybe I can borrow someones 5 year old and get them to draw me my own version. Regardless, this definitely makes me smile. You can buy it at Pixie Mart for $89.

Paris Hilton in a bikini type thing.

Don't really have much to say about this....

Trend Alert! Studded Boots

Studded boots (and booties!) aren't just for the rough and tough biker babes. Today any girl with a little bit of funk in her can sport these bad ass, embellished boots.
Notice how Sienna Miller, English model Sarah Harding, and Megan Fox wore studded boots all in very different ways. Sienna looked like a bohemian girl in a slouchy suede pair by Vivienne Westwood; Sarah took the rocker route in a strappy pair; while Megan stayed California cool and paired her slick, knee-high boots with jeans and a bright cardi. I love all 3 looks!

Topshop NEW YORK City Now Open!

Sir Philip Green and Kate Moss officially opened the new flagship Topshop store on Broadway, April 2nd

Diesel Introduces the Bastonati Collection

One of denim's most popular names is producing a new collection called Bastonati, Italian for "Beyond Recognition". Each pair of jeans in the collection is hand-treated to make permanent creasing, paint spots, and reinforced holes, all so that no 2 pairs will be the same. The result are rather subtle compared to some of the season's extreme acid-bleached looks. Diesel's most popular fits- Viker and Heaven for man and Matic and Navy for women are all going to be represented in the Bastonati line, which is priced around $200-$350.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Donna Karen Releases $595 Jeans

Got $595 to blow? You could buy about 3 pairs of Rock & Republic Jeans or about 10 pairs of Levi's...Or how bout’ you pick up one pair of Donna Karan's new $595 bias-cut sculpted jeans. They are just being released to boutiques and department stores nationwide, but have already sold out at Nordstrom's online store. Wondering what a bias cut is? Apparently it is a diagonal fabric-cutting technique, used by designers to accentuate curves and body lines.
"I went into business in the first place in order to create jeans that I couldn't find for myself," Karan says. "Now I'm craving a more decadent, sexy and iconic pair of jeans."
"When you cut denim on the bias, the result is the ultimate in fit and comfortability," she says. "There's no side seam, so your legs look long and lean." 
Hmmmmmm..... Would you buy these?

Kate Moss for TopShop Spring/Summer 2009

Kate Moss modeled two of her dresses from her Kate Moss Topshop Spring 2009 collection for a shoot in i-D Magazine,
the one shoulder crystallized dress looks pretty amazing. A lot of the clothes are top notch, lots of fringe in the range.
What do you think of the new collection?  Check it out below...