Thursday, October 22, 2009

W Showroom in WWD! Yay!

W Showroom has been on the road for almost 1 month... yes, we want to lose our minds but we are meeting tons of peeps and even having some fun along the way! We see slews of brands, tons of buyer, and we love it. We have 12+ brands in our showroom and bring them all over the USA. Right now we are in Texas.. Dallas Ya'll! We got a shout out in a popular Fashion Industry mag, WWD.

"In other DMC news, Scene has grown to 80 booths, including eight for W Showroom, whose labels include Gold Tag Denim, Parasuco, Civil Society and RPGene.

The venue also has 500 permanent showrooms and Temporaries on 12, with 150 booths including young contemporary resources, cowboy boots and novelties."

When W Showroom comes to a show we come strong!

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