Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sci-Fi-Themed Victoria’s Secret Show 09'

Alessandra Ambrosio will open the next Victoria's Secret fashion show, which tapes this Thursday in New York and airs next month on CBS. She'll wear a neon bra with matching neon panties and wings by designer Alexander Koutny, a Central Saint Martins alum who says his mother was a "closet Trekkie."
The clean lines are a departure from shows past, in which the models appeared to have been loaded up with as many shrugs, leg warmers, arm warmers, metal corsets, and belts as possible without diminishing the naked effect. This year's show is sci-fi-themed and includes six sections: Magical Journey, All Aboard, Pink Planet, Enchanted Forest, Romantic Journey, and Star Trooper. So sexy lingerie-clad space cadets are in our future :) oh-lala

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