Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Again MAXIME COSSOGUY shows up, this time Lil' Wayne

As you can imagine, it was a packed house. Lil' Wayne's performance at the Palms Casino Resort sold out both Palms Place and Spa and the Palms Casino Resort.
The show started shortly after the beginning of earth hour, (tsik tisk), but was a performance that attendees will never forget.... and beside Lil' Wayne again Maxime Cossoguy pops up... I just did a post on him a few day ago, with Fergie and her hot high waisted jeans.. well the red denim Lil' Wayne is wearing is another amazing creation from the rocker, high fashion designer Maxime Cossoguy (drowning in my sleep)... his line is really amazing and it seems all the celebs are catching on...

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