Saturday, April 4, 2009

Donna Karen Releases $595 Jeans

Got $595 to blow? You could buy about 3 pairs of Rock & Republic Jeans or about 10 pairs of Levi's...Or how bout’ you pick up one pair of Donna Karan's new $595 bias-cut sculpted jeans. They are just being released to boutiques and department stores nationwide, but have already sold out at Nordstrom's online store. Wondering what a bias cut is? Apparently it is a diagonal fabric-cutting technique, used by designers to accentuate curves and body lines.
"I went into business in the first place in order to create jeans that I couldn't find for myself," Karan says. "Now I'm craving a more decadent, sexy and iconic pair of jeans."
"When you cut denim on the bias, the result is the ultimate in fit and comfortability," she says. "There's no side seam, so your legs look long and lean." 
Hmmmmmm..... Would you buy these?

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