Monday, April 13, 2009

These Watches Give Us A Cheap Thrill

For an 11-year-old in 1985, there was no cooler accessory than a Swatch watch, and to this day even adults way into their 80s sport them... they have the capability of suiting all ages and with great taste.. well a new 'Swatch' watch has taken over the market, giving the real Swatch a run for the money...
Normal Watches, emblazoned with witty, often flippant statements-
Facebook Ruined my Life, Love is the New Hate, When Did Rock 'n Roll Become So F**king Boring?- the brightly colored accessories (10 so far) are 100% plastic and at $25 each, cheaper than a glass of Bordeaux at The Waverly Inn.
The line has already been picked up 30 retailers, including Nordsrom and

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