Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Green Fashion becoming Mainstream

As we all know... well some of don't, tomorrow is Earth Day!  April 22nd, woo hoo!!
This year to celebrate the day I am heading out to the "Green with Fashion" event happening in Philadelphia with another Fashionista friend of mine... The Green Baroness, she runs a Eco-Fashion Blog.

Green with Fashion is a charity, eco-fashion show, which will spotlight designers from all over the country. The idea for the event was first created as a senior project at Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA), but has since evolved into a way to not only celebrate eco-conscious designers, but educate the community on environmental issues.

More than 30 designers and boutiques have agreed to take part in the event and have their designs in the show. In addition to locally- and nationally-known designers, Drexel fashion design students will also be unveiling their eco-friendly sportswear collections. Instead of using unnecessary paper waste to advertise, Green with Fashion will be utilizing online advertising, including websites, blogs, and Facebook.

I, myself am still learning about this side of the Fashion world, but I am open to it all!
Be ready for my upcoming post for all the pictures of the event!

It will be held at this fab place above, the old Real World House Philadelphia, also known as F.U.E.L.

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