Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Adriana Lima Has a New Givenchy Ad and a Baby on the Way!

Just when Adriana Lima's new fall Givenchy campaign launches, she has to go on bump watch. Lima confirmed she is pregnant by her husband, NBA star Marko Jaric.
They eloped on Valentine's Day and Lima will give birth to a genetically flawless, eternally cellulite-free child this winter. But what about her career? Not that getting fat is a threat, because it is a law of the universe that models never get fat from having babies. But Adriana was so interesting to watch this season! She raised eyebrows when she walked in Givenchy's fall 2009 show. These days she's known for selling $65 Victoria's Secret bras and Maybelline mascara, more so than high fashion work. So now that she's with child, what of the spring 2010 Givenchy runway show? Or the spring campaign? At least she can pull a Heidi Klum and strut onto the Victoria's Secret runway in a giant pair of wings five minutes after giving birth. And there is a clever pun for Maybelline to make about being born with it in here somewhere.

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