Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rock & Republic’s Recession Ready Line: Plain Wrap

Coming This August 2009...

As this recession continues, life’s extravagance lacking simplicities are consuming our daily lives. We walk places that used to seem cab necessary. We skip out on the espresso and opt for a cheaper, chalkier tasting coffee. We have do-it-yourself spa days instead of getting weekly pedicures...boo I really hate that one...

Completely aware of this recession mentality, Rock & Republic, who you used to drop almost $300 on denim for, is slated to release their rendition of the recession cutbacks. 'Plain Wrap', a very basic “jeans and tees” kind of line will be available this August as a cheap alternative to disposable fashion. 

This recession conscious line is definitely a great idea, but who really wants “T-Shirt” written across their tees or “Windbreaker” written on the back of their windbreaker? The “Stiletto” stiletto I don’t mind so much, but as soon as Plain Wrap hits the street, you’re going to be able to know exactly who has succumb to the recession blues…just look for the guy with the “Jacket” on his jacket. 

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